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What are the greatest opportunities with your property or in your market? Let us conduct a thorough property and land demand / supply analysis for your company. We can also provide informative research on a wide variety of real estate industry topics.

Building Market Intelligence Feasibility – Our feasibility studies go beyond the traditional market feasibility studies, which rely primarily on the recent performance of comparable projects. We include:

  • A macroeconomic overview of the property/ market.
  • A complete review of many of the factors that will impact the performance of a proposed project.
  • An analysis of the current status of the Property and Land Cycle in that market.
  • Answers to questions asked by most outside investors and decision makers.
  • Factors that future residents and investors will consider (school quality, local retail, commute times, area demographics, architecture, community amenities, lot premiums, future competitive projects, affordability, etc.).

We have completed many feasibility studies on a wide range of residential and commercial development projects in Dubai.